Sunday, 29 November 2009

Cupcakes on Pitt St

I was lucky enough to be given a peanut butter cupcake from Cupcakes on Pitt St, given by a friend visiting from Sydney.

It was a delicious chocolate cake, topped with a squiggle of rich dark chocolate ganache, some peanut butter icing, and some honeyed peanuts.  The chocolate cake was fluffy and rich, the peanut butter icing tasted like slightly sweetened and softened smooth peanut butter and the ganache was decadent!

On their website there are 34 different flavours listed - and next time G goes up to Sydney I am going to order an Apricot one - one of my favourite fruits.

A complaint? They are on the small side (5cm in diameter) and that is simply not big enough for how delicious the cakes are!  Though the cupcakes are only $2 each, so you could easily buy more than one

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