Thursday, 8 March 2012

Crawl & Bite

G and I are certainly enjoying the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival - we enjoyed Crawl & Bite on Monday night in the city. The aim is to try 3 nice places in Melbourne where you are offered a drink and a "small plate"

G and I went to:
  • Comme - delicious tomato and olive oil consomme, fancy fish and chips, wagyu skewer and a chocolate covered marshmallow. The consomme was the best, acidic and full-flavoured
  • Saint Peter's Trattoria - brushcetta with bacalla (salted cod), calimari stuffed with prawn, wagyu cannelloni - bruschetta was the best, but nothing was super inspiring
  • Longrain - seared tuna, pork hock and something very spicy (so spicy that I am not sure what was in it except for chilli!)

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