Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Lamb Shanks

Before I let G launch into his guest post, just wanted to give a shout out (and thanks) to my friend The Shy Lion who was kind enough to award me (and 14 other bloggers) the Versatile Blogger award!

G here, guesting on this venerable blog after a long absence  I am doing such because I am rather chuffed with myself after cooking some lamb shanks that were delicious.

Used a Jamie recipe, he's a big fave on this blog is old James. We had some lamb shanks in the freezer which we had bought a while ago, when spring lamb was at it's best and cheapest.  It's pretty simple too, as most of Jamie's stuff is.

Make some herby butter with rosemary, sage and thyme, salt and pepper.  Make a little pocket next to the bone to stuff the butter down into the heart of the meat.  Messy and yum.all at once.
Chop up some leek, carrot, onion and whole garlic cloves.  On a fairly large sheet of foil, place the vegies and a bit of the butter in a mound in the middle.  Place some oiled up shank on top, the handle straight up, and tightly gather up the foil around the shank.  As you seal it up, pour some white wine in to the packet of awesomeness for braising liquid and extra flavour

Cook on 180 for about 2 to 2.5 hours and serve in the parcels.  I served it up with some oven chips which had cooked with dried rosemary and salt on top.  Use the chips to soak up some of the liquid and to smoosh into the garlic cloves

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  1. Mmmmmmm....shanks. I remember when they were considered dog food or soup bones. I blame Donna Hay for turning them into $4-a-pop "fancy foods" - damn her black heart. Now everyone knows how good they are.

    As long as nobody cottons onto the delights of lambs fry and bacon I can continue my obsession with "rubbish cuts" on a office girl's budget.