Friday, 20 August 2010

Cauliflower oricchette

This is not low-cal or diet friendly (except to the extent that collectively, what you eat can be called a diet).  Maybe it's safer to say that this meal requires some strenuous exercise to counter balance it.

Quite simply, the sauce is pureed cauliflower that has been cooked in cream (rather than water).  So that's about 130ml of cream per person, and no, I don't want to work out how much fat that is/how many kilometres I need to run.

Then you stir the sauce through the pasta and some cauliflower and sprinkle it with a panagrattato.

As you can see in the magazine the sprinkle is quite lame, so I had to 'gild the lily' in Maggie Beer speak and add some crispy pancetta.

Speaking of Maggie Beer, last year G and I went to a dinner at Old Parliament House at which she was the guest of honour.  I finally worked up my courage to ask to have a photo with her!

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