Thursday, 7 July 2011

Whoopie Pies

A guest post from G:

It was K's birthday not that long ago, so after purchasing a delicious Brownie and Passionfruit chocolate torte from Le Petit Gourmet to get us through  a few days before I was well enough to bake a cake, I decided to break out the whoopie pie book that had been a source of amusement a few times already (from the title only!). Whoopie pies are supposed to be somewhere between as cake and a biscuit, and look like macarons on steroids.

So I chose to make simple chocolate whoopies, with a peanut butter icing middle,

They worked out OK- I don;t recommend using Copha for shortening though.  Use butter for all of the fat. The copha was just rubbish, and didn't do anything, and they totally didn't flatten out.  As a consequence, the pies really were just mini cakes.  But they were still delish, and the peanut butter icing is to do for!

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