Thursday, 28 October 2010

Wedding food taste testing

So G definitely enjoyed the cake taste testing, but we were both looking forward to the food and wine taste testing session at our venue, The Willows.

We were one of 4 couples taste testing but we were the only ones taste testing for a cocktail party.  We definitely got some jealous looks from the other tables as they could only try a couple of things each, whereas we had what looked like a bountiful spread of canapes.  I should say it looked like and was a bountiful spread!

The tuna tartare is at the front next to the sauce - not terribly attractive but my favourite!

We were a little confused when we saw the tart on this plate (with the tomato in the middle) as it had been advertised as cold, but came warm  That was a good move on the chef's part - the pastry was just wonderful and the filling was nice warm.

The satay was yum, and the meatballs (though unattractive) were delicious too.  The chorizo (far back right corner of the plate) just tasted like the top of a pizza without a base.

Of course, even though we have chosen a wedding cake, we couldn't resist trying some dessert canapes!

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  1. The food in those photos looks amazing, I am literally getting hungry right now.