Thursday, 10 March 2011

Paella Feast

Over the weekend G and I went to Brandy Creek Wines for a paella feast - part of the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival.

I hope that picture gives some sense of the size of each pan.  Each was easily a metre across and a few inches deep.

Each pan was full to the brim of rice and delicious paella ingedients.  The seafood was particularly enticing, the pan full of mussels standing to attention, prawns, scallops and barramundi.

The one with the rice piled high certainly caught my attention - a chicken cazzuela, where the rice is cooked separately from the chicken and sauce.  This also had some delicious chorizo in it too. 

The "manchega" was full of mushrooms, beef and lamb and quail eggs.  

This was my plate - a selection of 4 kinds of paella (I didn't get the pork belly one).

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