Thursday, 9 June 2011

Sugadeaux cupcakes

G and I had originally considered getting sugadeaux cupcakes for our wedding cake, but couldn't taste test them because the owners were on holiday when G and I were in Melbourne cake taste testing.

When G came home and told me that he had seen sugadeaux cupcakes at Elevenses, an amazing little sandwich bar in Melbourne, I asked him to pick up one for a post-wedding taste test!

He grabbed a vanilla with strawberry icing, and the icing was amazing - much like The Cupcake Family - but unfortunately the cake itself was a little dry.


  1. Fresh they are amazing, Miss Jess makes a mean cupcake!

  2. I would consider something purchased and eaten the same day as "fresh" - do you mean that I should purchase directly from Sugadeaux?

  3. I think what David means to say, is that cafe's stock cupcakes for 3-4 days to obviously avoid throwing stock out. Sadly, a 3 day old cupcake is not the same as one made and eaten the same day. It's unfortunate but unavoidable that if "catering" bakeries like Sugadeaux want to be able to sell through cafes, they also lose the ability to control quality as a retail bakery would.