Monday, 14 February 2011

The Cupcake Family

Coincidentally, I was sitting outside the State Library of Victoria (a lovely green patch in the middle of Melbourne) enjoying a harajuku crepe and saw someone walk past holding a bag emblazoned with "The Cupcake Family".  I took a note of the name and googled it, and was glad to find that it was a local shop.

G and I went to the cricket (twenty20, Australia v England at the MCG) so I picked up a few mini cupcakes from The Cupcake Family to make the cricket more fun.  The cupcakes were delicious - the fruit flavours taste like the fruit, nothing like oils, or essences.

Lemony sunshine, chocolate with strawberry icing and vanilla with strawberry icing - all yum!

Of course, having experienced the delicious mini cakes (purchased mini cakes just in case it was awful) we had to go back for the big ones.

(from top left corner: lemony sunshine, swiss dark.  Middle row: raspberry white chocolate, strawberry cheesecake; front row: strawberry and coffee crunch)

Seriously. Amazing. There was lemon curd inside the lemon one, choc ganache in the choc one, real cheesecake in the middle of the strawberry cheesecake and the white chocolate and raspberry was filled with, you guessed it, white chocolate sauce and raspberries.  The best commercial cupcakes ever. 
Want to get some Cupcake Family of your own?  Level 2 of the QV building in Melbourne, at the Swanston St end.

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