Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The produce at Borough Market

I don't know if you have heard the hype about Borough Market in London, but it is a much talked about food market, that I managed to convince G to go to on Saturday morning in London.

British strawberries in summer are so good

So many people had told me "there's a great cheese shop at Borough" - wrong, there are several great cheese shops at Borough!

Oysters shucked, ready to eat with shallot vinaigrette or tabasco

 We do not recommend the goat's milk ice cream - ours was not nice, and I saw someone else throw their scoop out.

So much bread - we only took home a couple of mini loaves

Jamon sliced to order

If you are in London on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday I highly recommend making the trip to Borough (near London Bridge) and picking up some picnic supplies and a few things to try as you enjoy your wanderings.

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