Monday, 5 September 2011


Tsukiji is the largest seafood market in Asia, and is famous for its tuna auctions.  Tourists used to be able to go and watch the auctions, but are no longer allowed - apparently there were problems about people touching the tunas. To purchase tuna in the auction you must be registered, and you are allowed to on-sell the tuna.   As well as tuna auctions there is also the wholesale section of the market, selling the biggest range of seafood that I have ever seen.

Given the lack of tuna auction viewing, G and I arrived at about 8am for a breakfast of sashimi before some intense seafood admiring.

Then it was time to let the seafood admiration begin!

The last thing we saw, possibly the most unique thing we saw, was the ice man.

Although the little carts the dudes drive around on are also pretty unique - like barrels on little flat go karts.

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