Monday, 6 September 2010

Currently craving: cake tattoos!

Have you heard about cake tattoos?  There are a few brands out there - just Google 'edible cake tattoo' or 'edible cake transfer'  The idea is simple, edible paper with cute prints to decorate the tops of cupcakes!

I think my favourite is Ticings - have a look at their website here!

Ticings have flowers/plants, little sausage dogs, a variety of 'happy birthday' plaques and even some transfers that look like sushi!  The Ticings transfers are round and go on cupcakes.

If you are after something a bit more 'modern' have a look at Duff - here.  You can use these ones on the tops or sides of cakes, or cut them up and use for cupcakes (or cookies).

I've tried to find Australian versions, but the best I have found is Disney prints!  I'm a little bit past the princess stage though.

You can also send companies photographs and they will print it out onto edible paper and you can put that on top of cake - but that creeps me out a little to tell you the truth.

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  1. I just received one of the cake tattoos for my birthday! It was so much fun to make and made the "cake cookies" i made look really professional! Not to mention they were delicious! CHeck it out on my blog