Thursday, 2 September 2010

Joy Cupcakes

I came across a little cupcake stand at a shopping centre in Melbourne on the weekend - Joy Cupcakes at Doncaster Shoppingtown.

This little box of 2 was called 'double the joy' - cute.  We had red velvet (left) and toffee apple (right).  I didn't like the apple cake - too much cinnamon (which I don't like as a general rule) but the icing was yum scrum!  The red velvet cake was good and the icing was a really nice light cream cheese.

Actually I think the icings were both meringue based which made them SUPER smooth, but felt like there wasn't much there - it disappeared in my mouth too quickly and the flavours were a bit subtle.  I don't think cupcake icing should be subtle!

To try for yourself (or just enjoy the website if you aren't local) have a look at their site.

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