Sunday, 10 April 2011

Pistachio cupcakes

I made some delicious, super dense pistachio cupcakes , topped off with some whipped cream and almonds.

Simply grind up some pistachios and sugar and then throw that in a stand mixer with some flour, eggs and butter and then bake.  But for those who prefer precise recipes (and I certainly am one of those people) here it is:

Grind 85g of pistachioes with 70g of caster sugar in a food processor.  Mix that with 70g caster sugar, 140g butter (very soft), 2 eggs, 140g self raising flour and 5 tbs milk until smooth - personally I would do this in my stand mixer.

Divide the mix between 12 cupcake cases and bake for 22-25 mins at 160C. 

Granted, the cakes will be on the small side for cupcakes, but they are very dense.  Next time I would probably only make 9 cakes and make them a little taller, which would obviously require some extra cooking time.

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