Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Steak with welsh rarebit

When G and I lived in England in 2004 we worked for a bar in the McMullen's Brewery chain.  I remember the most unpleasant looking and smelling thing on the breakfast menu was toast with welsh rarebit.  The welsh rarebit was stored in the fridge in a log, resembling the devon meat you can buy in the supermarket.  Or if I am feeling less kind, it resembled the refridgerated tube dog food.

When I saw that there was a recipe in the April Delicious for steak with welsh rarebit I just kept turning the pages, but G encouraged me to take a second look (well after we saw the delicious looking porterhouse steaks available at the butcher).   The recipe was quite simple - cheese, mustard, sour cream and worcestershire smothered on top of a partially cooked (pan fried) steak, then all bundled into the oven to finish cooking the steak and melt the rarebit.

The best part?  The rarebit looked nothing like the log I remember from England, although still not super attractive.

Though dinner did look pretty delicious.

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  1. Will you hate me if I confess to LOVING Devon sausage? Also, chicken loaf. There's no hope for me is there?