Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Chocoholic, who me?

Well maybe G is the chocoholic, because I bought him a voucher (for 2 people) to go on a Chocolate Lover's tour of Melbourne - complete with sticker that qualified us for a 10% discount on purchases on the day!

We started at Haigh's, in the Royal Arcade, and sampled pastilles and mango truffles.  The dark pastilles are quite "milky" (that is, they have a lowish content of cocoa compared to some of the "dark" chocolate available commercially).  In the end, most people preferred the dark because it was a little more intense than the milk, but not like a 75% cocoa which is not very sweet or creamy.

We moved on to T2 for a chocolate and tea tasting - the strawberry tisane really worked with the milk chocolate.
We stopped in at Deva for some chocolate art, peered in at the chocolate maker at Koko Black...

And not being full of sweet treats, finished the afternoon off with a coffee and some churros.

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