Wednesday, 18 January 2012

I made it (Empire Roast Chicken, that is)

After raving about this dish and then being lucky enough to receive the necessary recipe book as a Christmas gift, I had to make Empire Roast Chicken.  I assembled a number of ingredients - although I did spiced roast potatoes and made gravy from the chicken pan juices, so needed less ingredients than the recipe called for.

a gaggle of ingredients - mostly spices

the marinade that G was kind enough to make

the roasted bird

and some spiced, roasted taters

 the whole kit and caboodle

You don't need to own Jamie's Great Britain to make this recipe - Jamie has made it available online.  The gravy I made from the pan juices was heavenly, but next time I may give Jamie's version a try!  I didn't need to flake off as many burnt bits as Jamie did, perhaps my oven is not as hot as his. 

I would highly recommend this recipe - roasting a chicken is something that is super easy (but impressive) and quite comforting.  While it does take some time, most of it is "idle supervision", that is, sitting around and reading a magazine while the bird is in the oven.  Did anyone else's Mum ever tell them NEVER to leave the house with the oven on???

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  1. We had a slow combustion stove that heated the hot water so it burned all day - hows that for a fire hazard! This is why I didn't use a gas or electric oven until I was 19.

    Anyway, although my mother used to leave the crock pot on all day I just can't do it. I'd be at work thinking about dinner burning the house down.