Monday, 2 January 2012

My favourite dish of 2011

Many blogs do retrospectives at the end of the year, and I believe at the end of last year I reviewed my favourite Delicious Magazine recipes of 2010. However, Delicious has suffered this year (in my opinion) and the recipes have been less good, particularly later in the year. So instead, I thought I would present my favourite restaurant dish that I discovered this year - Pumpkin in Salted Egg Yolk. G and I ate it on NYE at China Red, along with some dumplings and drank some organic raspberry lemonade and organic cola. I even ate the Shao Long Bao even though I avoid pork as much as possible - but the dumplings are just so good. We've actually introduced a number of people to this restaurant (with touch screen ordering) and to this dish in particular.

G and I discovered that the menu has recently expanded - there are a number of additions on each section of the menu and we are looking forward to trying out a few new dishes, although not the dumplings that are shaped like goldfish and stuffed with prawn...

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