Thursday, 25 November 2010

Wedding cake!

G and I were married in mid November and I wanted to share the cake.  When we arrived at the reception and I saw the cake I exclaimed "oh, the cake, it;s perfect, now we can get married!"

Maybe that was a little extreme because I would have married G anyway, but the cake was an added bonus.  We had spoken with Kerrie of Love at First Bite about the cupcakes in detail, but had given her free range, using our invitation as the base, for the top tier cake.

There were 100 mini cupcakes (half vanilla and half chocolate and all wonderful) and the top tier, which we didn't serve.  So we ended up with a few left over cupcakes which we ate the next day and the top tier.  We have frozen some for later, each took some to work and enjoyed a slice the day after the wedding.

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  1. Congratulations on your marriage!!!

    And what a fantastic cake!!