Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Slow Food Festival in Nice

G and I were lucky enough to be in Nice to enjoy a Slow Food festival, featuring chefs from Nice and Monaco. 

It was a very controlled event - there were french street food vendors (fries, mussels and crepes) all along the marina, and then there was a section of the marina that was limited to a certain number of people at a time - and that area was where the slow food stalls were.

G and I made it in after only a 20 minute wait and perused some of the stalls.  Each plate was 5 euros and below you can see the scampi and a dessert platter.

We also drank some good french wine (2 glasses for 5 euros) and met a lovely Italian-Swiss couple with whom we shared a table. 

Aside from the food there were some cool stilt walkers, floats and fireworks.  Aside from the slow food aspect we're not entirely sure what the festival was celebrating - but we sure had fun.

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