Thursday, 24 December 2009

Chicken meatball tomato soup

The name for the recipe makes it sound far more complicated than it really is.  You make the 'meatballs' by squeezing sausage meat into meatballs. 

The receipe then calls for a multitude of saucepans - to cook the soup, to cook the meatballs and to cook the pasta.  I don't like to use that many pots and pans unless the recipe is crazily complicated so I didn't.  (It's not even that I do the washing; when I cook, G washes).

So I did the tomato soup - using a combination of passata and fresh tomatoes as we didn't have any canned tomatoes.  I cooked the pasta in the soup, and fried the meatballs in a pan, before serving them on top of the soup. 

Lesson - add more liquid to the soup than is called for in the recipe if you are going to cook the pasta in it - the pasta really soaks up the liquid!

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