Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Jazz Apple Cafe

Jazz Apple Cafe - "cupcakes have come to Canberra City" http://www.jazzapplecafe.com.au/Jazz_Apple_Cafe/Welcome.html

Of course, I was very excited when I saw this cafe, although the first time I saw the cafe it was late at night and closed.  I still actually haven't been there, but G has been, twice, so we have sampled 4 of the cupcake flavours: coconut ice, chocolate honeycomb, choc mixed berry and green apple (which is also the order, from best to 'least best' in my opinon).

The cupcakes have all been very dense (and heavy) and super moist.  This probably means that there is a great deal of oil in the cakes, but too bad! These are super delicious, just not to be eaten every day I guess.  The cupcakes come in cute little plastic containers to protect the icing from getting squashed while the cake is in transit. 

Coconut ice: a pink cupcake, with a sweet coconut flavour topped with coconut flavoured icing!

Choc honeycomb: choc cupake with super chocolatey butter cream.  The honeycomb taste didn't really come through aside from the honeycomb piece on top.

Choc berry ripple: choc cupcake with a small amount of berries inside (would have liked more) topped with that delicious chocolate buttercream and a lolly raspberry partially dipped in chocolate

Custard apple: Too sweet! There was a little bit of fruit in between the too sweet cupcake and the icing, and the apple flavour tasted as though it came from essence, not the fruit itself.  Also, somewhat trickily, there was a green apple as the advertisement!

Lesson - I really want to try one of their plain chocolate cupcakes (maybe the triple chocolate mud) and some of the other less common flavours: honey bear, cookies & cream and key lime and coconut.

There are 9 flavours available in the shop each week - though almost 40 listed on the website.  Helpfully the website also lists the flavours that will be available in the shop for the week (though the website was a little out of date - it referred to this week as 'next week').

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  1. How about on Monday I get triple choc mud and black forest then?