Sunday, 13 December 2009

Smoked trout burgers

Yum, I loved smoked trout (or smoked salmon) and I love asparagus.  These burgers are super easy to make in my food processor, basically, throw ingredients in the food processor in the designated order and pulse until combined.   Then shape the mixture into burger patties, cover and chill for 30 minutes.  While that was chilling mixing together the asparagus tzatziki is simple - blanch the asparagus, shred it (except for the tips) and mix that shredded asparagus into some natural yoghurt, along with some salt, pepper and mint. Delicious.

Because I prefer vegetables to bread I just used half a burger bun (for the bottom) and then topped the burger with some mushrooms and potatoes.

The burger was delicious, a great smoky, fishy flavour  The asparagus tzatziki was good too - I like mine quite lemony, so I added some lemon juice in, which definitely worked with the fish.

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