Friday, 18 December 2009

The new beef stroganoff

I have never really enjoyed beef stroganoff, but I love mushrooms so I thought the recipe in Faking It would be worth a try.  It was fantastic, the peppery beef was great, and the mushroom sauce was amazing. 

My modifications: I used a collection of mushrooms (oysters, shitake and buttons, not just swiss brown) and use more than the recipe called for (did I mention that I love mushrooms???). I also used porcini fettucine, not plain egg noodles.  Finally, I used some of the liquid from rehydrating the shitake mushrooms in place of some of the beef stock. 

The recipe was pretty simple to follow, and I did follow it almost exactly. I would definitely make this again - am keen to make the mushroom sauce part for some pasta tonight.

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