Saturday, 19 December 2009

Stuffed field mushrooms with pesto

I accidentally bought green olive tapenade, rather than basil pesto.  Other than that, the only modification was that I used panko breadcrumbs (japanese) rather than the sourdough ones (a function of what was available in the pantry).  I did add the chopped up mushroom stems into the filling; my philosophy is the more mushrooms the better!

It was super easy to make - the filling is entirely done in the food processor, so if you don't have one then doing it by hand would be time consuming.  Then you just pile it in to the mushrooms and bake the mushrooms in a pan with some cherry tomatoes.  I ended up baking the mushrooms for a little longer than the recipe calls for (8 - 10 minutes, I gave them 12 minutes). 

Also, mine did not look anywhere near as pretty as the spread in Faking It, but tasted pretty good.

One lesson I learned from this one - you can't put a regular serve on a plate and make it look good - I added another mushroom (the recipe calls for 2 per person as a main) once I had taken the photo so I could get a somewhat decent photo for the blog!

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