Wednesday, 29 December 2010


I bought a lovely cookbook all about salad - Salades by Damien Pignolet.

Those who know me, know I love salad.  I believe that salad can be served with practically every meal at any time of the day.  I was particularly excited to see a book dedicated to salads with a similar philosophy - the book is divided into salads of different categories.

This book is the perfect book to buy at the start of summer - there will undoubtedly be some cool days when you will want a warm salad, although the winter salads may not get a look in over the next few months.

A minor criticism - there aren't enough pictures.  I like at least one picture per recipe, preferably more if there is a tricky technique involved, but in this book not all the salads are pictured.  Those that have been photographed look positively mouthwatering...

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