Friday, 18 February 2011

Cocktail night at Cafe Vue

G and I had dinner at Cafe Vue's Cocktail night 'The Evolution of Alcohol'.   Food, paired with cocktails.

We started with a seared tuna on couscous with some orange sorbet. 

Just delicious - the couscous had orange in it too, really carried the flavour through.  This was served with 'beer' - beer that had been reduced and tricked up to be citrusy and delicious.

That was followed by an amazing piece of confit trout, served with apple ribbons and horseradish gel.

I would have like more horseradish but G thought it was the perfect amount.  This was served with a delicious white peach sangria.

The third course was the duck course - confit duck that was crumbed, on top of mashed sweet potato and served with cherry and cherry gel.  The black stuff?  That's charred leek powder, the smoke in the dish.

Brilliant.  Delicious.  Served with a red wine something drink - matched, nothing super special though.

Dessert number 1 was carrots and licorice.  The cake is vaguely licorice tasting, apparently made in a microwave and very spongy.  Served with carrot ribbons, creme anglais foam and sweet carrot puree.

Good, not awesome.  I cannot remember what drink this was served with - obviously not memorable!

However, dessert 2 was fantastic.  Caramelised french toast, with caramel ice cream.  Oh my goodness it was amazing.  I wanted to lick the plate to get all the melted caramel ice cream!  This was served with a cold drink which I did not like - it was bitter and I did not like the hot to cold sensation given the evening was getting chilly.  Maybe if I'd had a jacket I would have enjoyed it more.

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