Saturday, 5 November 2011

A foray into gluten free baking

Gluten free baking, like deep frying, scares me. 

I think we've seen that awful, crumbly mess that people try to pass off as gluten free bread, or that mushy, gluggy bowl of gluten free pasta.  Gluten free to me means heavy but dry, usually with an unpleasant crumbly texture.  However, a good friend at work is coeliac, and is often excluded from morning tea or given a special plate (of unappetising something or other) so I have been thinking about a dalliance with gluten free baking.

I saw an article in The Age about healthy baking and the chocolate cake was gluten free, so I thought it was worth a try.  Unfortunately, the recipe is poorly written - the instructions do not mention the required oven temperature (I guessed at 180 degrees) and instruct you to pour into 2 prepared pans - let me tell you, the cake would have been a pancake if I had done that!

The mixture was incredibly wet - the cake starts out with 6 eggs so I guess that is to be expected.

6 eggs
1/2 cup cocoa
1/2 cup honey
1/2 olive oil
200g almond meal
2 tsp vanilla
(pinch cinnamon - optional)

Beat eggs and vanilla until fluffy, add in olive oil and honey and beat some more.

Add cocoa and almond meal and mix to combine.
(I did it all in the kitchenaid)

Bake, 30 or 35 minutes (or longer, depending on your oven) at 180 degrees.

Yes, the cake will be dense.  Yes, the texture is not to everyone's taste.  However, I topped the cake with some delicious chocolate icing (50% chocolate, 50% butter melted together then a tsp of corn syrup so it doesn't set) and most people won't complain. 

The coeliac loved it.

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