Friday, 11 November 2011

Jamie's quick ragu

Have I waxed lyrical about Jamie Oliver's 30 minute meals before?  I just love that show.  I genuinely believe that I can accomplish what he does in the time allotted.

I watched a number of episodes on a recent aeroplane ride, and frantically scribbled down recipes on the back of the sick bag.  This quick ragu was inspired by Jame's pregnant wife's cravings.  However, it really is a great mid-week pasta meal.

The key is buying good quality sausages.  Jamie mentions that the sausage should contain a certain percentage of meat, but that information is only helpful if you buy your sausages pre-packaged as the packaging will have that info.

G and I buy our meat from a butcher so we can't be sure of the precise percentage of meat, but are convinced that the sausages are good quality.

The process after that is simple.  "Blitz" (ie use your food processor) onions, carrot, celery and the sausages.  Do your best to peel the skin off the sausages (easier than it sounds) or otherwise keep an eye out for the skinless sausages.

Then fry, until everything is browned, add a tin of tomatoes and season.  Try to complement the seasonings that were in the sausage.  Cook some pasta and serve.

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