Saturday, 12 November 2011

Jamie's duck fiesta

Another aeroplane Jamie's 30 minute meal special - this meal was a combination of a couple of episodes and was seasoned with what I had, rather than what Jamie suggested.

We used "Maha" spices - there is a restaurant in Melbourne called Maha.  When you pay the bill you are given a small test tube of middle eastern spices, rather than an after dinner mint.  There was definitely some kind of mild chilli, maybe some cumin and some cinnamon in the test tube.  Anyway, we rubbed that spice blend onto the duck (just enough for 2 duck breasts with a little left over to use in the salad dressing).

To go with the middle eastern theme we cooked some couscous and mixed in some pomegranate and almonds.

Then I added a cucumber salad to the table.  Jamie did an Asian style dressing and I toned it down a bit so it wouldn't compete with the Maha spices.

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