Tuesday, 7 February 2012

George's weird lamb neck and yoghurt

I love watching Food Safari on SBS, but usually I enjoy it for the exotic locales, recipes and accents of the guest chefs!  I am rarely tempted to cook a recipe from Food Safari.  However, when I saw a very old episode (so old that George Colombaris had long, curly hair), I decided I would try to make his weird lamb necks baked in yoghurt concoction. (Unfortunately no link to the recipe, as I can't find it on the Food Safari website.)

It was tasty, but not fun to make or serve - I should have known that when I couldn't get the boned lamb necks George's recipe required I should have walked away.  The butcher looked at me like I was insane to ask him to bone lamb necks as he politely declined.  Which left me with the task.  Which I couldn't figure out (there are lots of bones), so I had to adapt the recipe to cook whole.

The yoghurt turned quite cheese-like was delicious, but it was quite off putting to cook yoghurt by just pouring it over the meat. 

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