Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Chocolate taste testing

G and I get given a lot of chocolate, because most people know that we love it!  However, we don't eat it everyday and quite often we build up a 'stash'.  So the other night we decided to sit down and try some of the weird and wonderful chocolate we have in our house.

Clockwise from top left: catanie, cherry tomato and salt dark choc, dark lindt, apricot and rosemary dark choc, and dark raspberry chocolate.

Least favourite: the tomato and salt
It had no chocolatey smell, was a pretty blah chocolate taste, and the aftertaste was ok salty/sweet.

The best?  a tough call between the catanie and the apricot and rosemary dark chocolate.

The catanie is an almond covered in praline or marzipan and cocoa and had been handled too many times when I took the photo of the plate above because you can see where some of the cocoa has come away,

The dark chocolate with apricot and rosemary came from Shop Handmade (their blog) and is by a company called The Curious Chocolatier (their site) and the illustrations on the packaging is just gorgeous!

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