Thursday, 20 January 2011

Rosette cookies

After purchasing the moulds, and the sugar thermometer a long time ago, I finally got around to making the rosette cookies.

I think I am a little scared of deep frying - I assume that I will end up with oily, sodden food and an oily kitchen.  What I need to remember is that when you have the oil hot enough the mixture will be sealed quickly and just cook without soaking up extra oil.  Also, good drainage afterwards is important, though these didn't give off much oil.

Somewhat surprisingly the first one worked - contrary to the general rule that the first thing, often a pancake, fails.

The flower mould seemed to work just fine, and each time I put the mould into the oil it bubbled beautifully.

Then I tried to use the circle mould, which did not work as well. 

I dipped the mould into the batter and it cooked almost straight away, and peeled straight off.

I still ended up with a pile of rosette cookies, and had a great time making them.  The kitchen didn't end up that messy either!

Want to make your own?  Recipe can be found here, and you will need the moulds and a sugar thermometer.

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  1. Oh they are fabulous! Great idea. I'm afraid of deep frying too but you make it sound ok!