Monday, 31 January 2011

February Delicious 2011

So I know I complained about how lame I thought the Dec/Jan Delicious was... and I totally standby my comments.  However, that doesn't mean that I was sad when G was gifted a subscription for this year.  In reality all it means is that he gets to tear open the plastic packaging and look through the mag first!  To my mind even a cursory flip counts as a "look" and after that it's fair game.

The February cover looks great.  So summery.  But it looks like the recipe is so much work.

That's right - prawn party pies in scallop shells.  Are you serious???

Anyway, there are other recipes that I do want to make (or G wants me to make) - though the list is dessert heavy so I probably won't get through it all!

The list:
  • orange and yoghurt pancakes
  • catalan fig tapas (savoury, served with jamon and manchego cheese)
  • soup saint-sulpice (not sure how I feel about a creamy cold soup)
  • pumpkin and sage crepe ravioli
  • real strawberry jelly (when the strawberries are affordable enough for me to stuff this up as it will be my first use of gelatine)
  • mango framingtons (assuming I want to buy a friand tin, or change the recipe to make it cupcake tin friendly)
  • tim tam tarts
  • french style fruit tart
  • lemon myrtle roast chicken
  • macadamia crusted fish
  • chicken and pumpkin salad
  • frozen lamingtons (if I decide to buy an ice cream machine, or can be bothered babysitting the mixture and rebeating every 2 hours at least 3 times)
  • milo ice cream slice
So many desserts...

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