Thursday, 27 January 2011

No longer a hoarder

In my younger days I kept everything - all ticket stubs, receipts, photos of everything (when you needed to actually develop film).  I hung onto everything long past its use-by-date.  Now I have changed.  I get rid of things ruthlessly.  Prior to my most recent move I cleared out any clothes that no longer fit right, that I couldn't remember wearing, or I would never wear again.  I culled my cookbook collection, my fiction, CDs (who uses those anyway) and G was good enough to get rid of many of his 'participation' trophys.

So after receiving what I then thought was my final Delicious (Dec/Jan), prior to G being gifted a subscription for 2011, I had to figure out what I was going to do with all those magazines.  I have seen piles at op shops for $1ea, or even less if they are really old.  But I wanted to keep some of the recipes, and a couple of the stories (stories about foreign cities I intend to visit this year mainly).  So rather than generously sharing them with other people who can't afford the subscription I chose to tear my copies apart.

I started by going through this blog - where I generally don't put recipes because I don't understand the laws of copyright for magazine recipes - but is nonetheless a good record of recipes that worked for me (most of the recipes that I documented here worked, but not all worked for me).

So after tearing my copies of Delcious 2010 apart, G also went through them because he does have slightly different taste than me (chocolate bread cake for example).  Then I purchased a thin journal - because I didn't tear out that many recipes, and I started to stick the recipes down, mostly with copies of the pictures I took - far more realistic than the magazine pictures in some instances - and with some of my notes about what to do with leftovers, herbs to use instead and other useful tips that correlate with my tastes.


  1. that's a great idea. I stopped buying Delicious because I'd bought every one since the first issue in 2001 and it was getting ridiculous. But I should 'harvest' them and do something like this!

  2. That's a fantastic idea! I have a bunch of recipes that I've printed off the internet and they just sit folded in the front of one of my other recipe books at the moment. I've been wondering how to sort them out for AGES now and I think I might follow your lead! :)