Saturday, 17 July 2010

Chocolate bread cake

Why did I bother with this one?  As I think I mentioned in my review of the July issue (post here) I do not like bread and butter pudding, and I was a little apprehensive about this cake.  Correctly apprehensive so it turns out.

My main problem with bread and butter pudding is the texture (and I have the same problem with trifle and bananas).  It is smooth but slick and mostly tasteless. 

For some reason (possibly because it had been a while since I had baked anything and the kitchen aid was feeling unloved) I decided to make the Chocolate Bread cake from Tobie Puttock.

Another reason I chose to make this is the picture - doesn't it look delectable with the orange sauce just dripping over the sides.

Anyway, it's a weird recipe which starts with soaking bread in milk - oh the smell, suffice it to say - unpleasant, and the appearance - unappealing.

Then I beat in the bread to egg, milk, chocolate etc and at that point I was concerned because it was a very runny mixture.

The cake went into the oven and I had a bit of mixture left over (which went into the bin).  The cake is baked for 40 mins at a high temperature and 50 minutes more at a lower temperature.  Then it came out and sunk a little bit but looked quite nice when I eventually served it (without the orange sauce).

Looks good, G enjoyed it and I didn't.  Oh well.

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