Saturday, 5 June 2010

Baked cherry cheesecake

This was a spectacular cake.  Spectacular looking, and tasted fantasic.  And to top if all off, I received a boat load of compliments!

The base was super minimal, and G was worried that there wasn't enough, made from mere grams of biscuits blitzed in the kitchen aid food processor, rather than the standard 150grams plus of biscuits.  It was a delicious cheesecake interior, that was mostly made in the Kitchen Aid (I have friends who joke that my kitchen is sponsored by Kitchen Aid - I WISH!!!)

Then into the oven for a serious amount of time and afterwards become disappointed that the cheesecake still cracks despite following the directions for cooling the cake:

Cover it up with super delicious cherry syrup, and cheer that it looks like it does in the cook book!

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