Sunday, 27 June 2010

Green pancakes

Mmm - pancakes for dinner!  It sounds so luxurious, so decadent.  When I was growing up I remember we had pancakes for dinner just once a year, on Shrove Tuesday.  I've continued that tradition, so that I still get pancakes for dinner at least once a year.

Then June Delicious had a savoury pancake recipe that I decided to cook for dinner - which would be the second time this year that I have eaten pancakes for dinner!

Of course, I couldn't just have pancakes for dinner, so I marinated some chicken in the same herbs that went into the pancakes (in my case, green chilli, flat leaf parsley and basil, as opposed to the coriander listed in the recipe) and some lemon juice and zest.  I actually hate touching raw chicken so when I marinated it I left it in the plastic bag and added the herbs into the bag and then rubbed them into the chicken through the plastic.

Of course, green pancakes do look a little strange - while you mix them, while you cook them and when you serve them.  This is definitely not a recipe you could serve to people who don't like vegetables (adults or children) as the green colour makes the pancakes look way too healthy!

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