Saturday, 12 June 2010

Nuvolone (cloud souffle)

I don't usually feel like putting much effort into breakfast.  During the week I have fruit and yoghurt, a muffin with vegemite and a coffee.  At my desk at work.  On the weekends breakfast follows a run and a shower, so I am usually pretty hungry which means I usually don't do anything that requires a recipe.

Usually we eat tomato and cheese, and maybe a fried or scrambled egg, on toast.  Last Sunday however, I put in a lot of effort.

1.  whip 2 egg whites per person, with a splash of white wine vinegar, and some salt.

2.  put the egg whites around the edges of a ramekin and slide in the 2 egg yolks (you separated from the whites)

3.  Pour in a couple of tablespoons of pouring cream, some salt and pepper, 15 grams of butter (in small cubes) and a couple of tablespoons of grated parmesan and then move the egg whites over the top and cover it all up.

4.  Oven for a few minutes - 4 or 5 at 200 degrees.

5.  Devour with buttery toast!

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  1. Better if the yolks are mixed with the cheese and other stuff first- so good!