Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Creamy onion tart in walnut pastry

Making pastry for this tart was the first time I have ever made pastry from scratch.  I think it turned me off for life.  It was a disaster at most stages.  I know I got the first part right - I followed the recipe exactly and did it in my food processor.

It successfully turned into dough in the food processor, but thereafter, let's just say it was unpleasant!

The recipe instructs you to put it in the fridge for 30 minutes before rolling it out.  The first time I tried to roll it out is stuck to the bench (which had been properly dusted with flour), so I put the dough in the freezer and tried to roll it out again.  Again, it failed dismally.  I managed to break it into bits, roll out the bits to rectangles and line sections of the quiche pan and 'mushed' the pastry together in the pan.

More fridge time, blind baking and then I filled it with the mixture:

Pulled it out of the oven and tried to serve:

The pastry was so crumbly which made it very difficult to slice this tart.  I finally got it sliced up, and on the plate and as G says 'nice tart, shame about the pastry'.

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