Monday, 5 July 2010

Nasi goreng

Confession - this is the first time I made a curry paste from scratch.  It just looked so delicious in the magazine that I had to make it:

So of course, I didn't follow the recipe precisely.  I left out the prawn (not a big fan) and also left the shrimp paste out of the curry paste - not because it is made from shrimp but because I couldn't find it at the shops.

Pulled the trusty food processor out to make the paste - and it make short work of it!  Then it was simply cooking it, with some rice, vegies and flaked smoked trout = done.

A side note, this recipe requires organisation!  Sometimes, when I'm cooking, I chop as I go but sometimes everything needs to be ready because the whole thing only takes a few minutes - this is one of those recipes, so be prepared:

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