Thursday, 29 July 2010

Obsessed with Cupcakes on Pitt?

Each time I go up to Sydney (or G goes) we grab some cupcakes, often from Cupcake on Pitt.  To be honest, the chocolate cake is often too dry, but the cakes are a great (small) size and the flavours are good, and natural/not too sweet, even the fruit flavours.  They decorations are pretty, and a step above a simple icing swirl with a 'flavour indicator' (eg piece of honeycomb) put on top.  I have probably tried (or bought) most flavours.

(back row - peanut butter, white chocolate; middle row - raspberry, strawberry; front row - banana, butter cookie)

(clockwise from front left - black forest, raspberry, choc mint)

(left column - 2 x chocolate sundae, pistachio; middle column - pistachio, lemon; right column - carrot, 2 x mocha)

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