Saturday, 16 January 2010

Book of the (ongoing) moment: Cheesecakes of the World

So I am probably not going to cook out of this book every week - otherwise there is no way I will fit into a wedding dress that is not a tent!  Instead, I will cook from it as the occasion demands.

I bought this book from a bookseller that used to come to my offices, and it was a bargain - $10 with delivery to my office.

The 'of the world' part of the title is quite accurate.  There is an amazing range of cheesecakes with all kinds of ingredients.  There are cheesecakes that are 'American' (NY style baked cakes), cakes that use ricotta with cream cheese (Italian), cakes that use yoghurt or cottage cheese (Middle Eastern) and even a cake that uses cooked rice (Jamaican).

Every recipe comes with a picture of the completed cake, presented simply and looking super delicious.  Most of the cakes in the book are baked cakes.  Each recipe is pretty simple and the ingredients are listed in categories of 'base' and 'filling' and most of the recipes have less than 5 steps - a couple of which can always be done in the food processor (the base) and the stand mixer (beating the filling).

Really, it was the picture of the frozen peppermint cheesecake that really sold this book for me.

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