Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Fettucine with sausage and peas

Again, a lot of modifications.  Firstly, I don't love pork (ham, bacon, roast pork, pork sausages - all of it counts) so I replaced the pork sausages with chicken sausages.  Also, you are supposed to squeeze the meat out of the casings and make meatballs, which I did in the meatball soup recipe, but didn't repeat here.  I simply cut the sausages into 'meatball sized chunks' and cooked them.  Secondly, my dislike of pork is eclipsed by my dislike of peas, so I replaced them with diced asparagus.  I otherwise complied with the recipe instructions. 

Now, the dish is not the most attractive one in the book (predominantly white and pale green) so I had low expectations appearance wise, and they were not surpassed.

However, the taste was amazing (once I added a bit of pepper!).

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