Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Japanese Prawn, pickled vegetable and noodle salad

For starters, I don't love prawns.  So I did my bowl with cubed bits of ling (not the best choice) and G had his with what he said were super delicious tiger prawns, and the prawns do make it look nicer (and more like the picture in Faking It).

Simple to do, but takes a while as you need to marinate the cucumber and carrot in the rice vinegar and brown sugar syrup for at least an hour.  The sweetness of the vegetables (which I let marinate for about 90 minutes) was beautifully balanced out by the salty dressing pured over the salad at the end. 

Modifications?  Aside from the fish/prawn modification I used snow peas, not snow pea sprouts, and I added a squeeze of lime at the end. 

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