Monday, 25 January 2010

My tried and tested frittata

I have made the frittata so many times that I don't remember the recipe, nor where I got it from in the first place!

Basically, I used a slice tray (sometimes called a lamington tray in Australia) and chop up enough vegies to loosely layer them in and fill the tray half way up, then I add in 6 beaten eggs and bake.

Some delicious flavour combinations:
  • tomato, olives and capers with some parmesan cheese
  • tinned tuna, cooked potatoes and parsley with some tasty cheese
  • antipasto mix - roasted things like capsicum, eggplant, tomatoes with some fetta
  • cooked potatoes, tomato, brie and topped off with some smoked salmon after it has cooked
I always serve it with a nice big salad, using all the vegies I have left in my fridge.  

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  1. love a frittata - it really is as easy as that isn't it!