Wednesday, 20 January 2010

The Cupcake Factory

The Cupcake Factory is on Darling St in Balmain (Syd) and we bought 3 options to try - caramel, strawberry chocolate curl and lime coconut.  Click here to see their website.  Though, for some inexplicable reason, not all the flavours available in the store are listed on the website. 
Price wise, this was very reasonable.  At 3:30pm on a Friday afternoon these little beauties were being sold for 3 cakes for the price of 2, so how could we resist???  Lovely swirls of icing, with just a little decoration certainly makes these look appealing.

The cakes themselves aren't anything special.  They are quite dry (the lime and coconut was the least dry, though still not what I would describe as 'moist').

The icing was fantastic!  So smooth, sweet and buttery, but in a great balance so neither was overpowering.  The little bits of decoration were good - and not too strong.  I know I have dismissed other strawberry flavours for being too sweet, or tasting only like sugar, but the strawberry chocolate curls were good - they really tasted and smelled like strawberries.  I wonder where I can get some more...

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