Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Bridget's onion and feta cheese tart

Caramelised onion + puff pastry + salty feta = delicious!

Very simple, very effective, and combined with a good salad, a great meal.

The recipe is easy, and a little time consuming.  You have to chop up all the onions, which generally involves crying, and then caramelise the onions - all up that took 35 minutes to do about 350gram of sliced onions.  The actual recipe in the book calls for 1 kg of onions, and serves 6.  I was after a tart that would serve 2, so I had to chop a lot less onions.  I guess if I had done a kilogram the cooking would have taken the same amount of time (in a larger saucepan), but I would have needed more time for chopping!

Once the onions were caramelised I threw them on my scored, parmesan covered pieces of puff pastry and baked it.  I just threw on the chopped feta and some mint (not oregano, as I didn't have oregano) and served it. 

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