Friday, 26 February 2010

Not quite peach melba

I assume that the recipe is called 'not quite peach melba' because the peaches are grilled, not poached.  Anyway, it seems like a super easy way to do it, and I really liked it.

Halve the peaches, sprinkle with sugar, grill.  Serve topped with almonds (toasted with icing sugar in the recipe), ice cream and raspberry sauce.

Modifications? Many.  I didn't peel the skin off the peaches afterwards - they were too hot (although the recipe did say that was allowable).  The raspberry sauce was a last minute effort with some frozen raspberries mashed up (the grilling time for the peaches was not enough time to make and cool raspberry coulis) and I used almond ice cream, rather than the vanilla in the recipe. 

It tasted so good!

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