Monday, 1 February 2010

'Open Kitchen' by Bill Granger

At the moment I have three 'books of the moment' - you already know about Cheesecakes of the World and I am counting my monthly Delicious magazine as a book - but I have added Bill Granger's 'Open Kitchen' to the mix. 

Published in 2003, Bill's Open Kitchen is Bill Granger's third book and he has gone on to write a further four books.  Open Kitchen is divided into (mostly) sensible divisions of breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and dessert.

I say 'mostly' sensible as some of the recipes suggested for a lazy weekend lunch would work equally well for a mid-week dinner, though certainly not a mid-week lunch!  The afternoon tea/dessert division works.  In the afternoon tea section are mostly cakes, whereas the desserts are puddings, or frozen treats.

Each recipe is a whole meal, although I tend to add a salad to every dinner, and is beautifully photographed.  The presentation is pretty, and achievable.

I have written a long list of recipes that I want to try from this book - I hope you will all enjoy looking at the results almost as much as G and I enjoy tasting them!

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